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I have a Honda recon 2005 when I first got it I had a Heli coil of the spark plug and a running around like that for a while and the piston went it broke a piece off the piston and went into the side walls of the cylinder walls so I cleaned out the savings which wasn’t bad and I got a rebuild for it brand new piston rings and everything .Well breaking in the piston on my second warm up it started making this loud screeching noise and the bike died so whenever I had originally got it when I took the crankcase off the open chain was loose slightly loose but now whenever I took it off this time after I tried the rebuild .It was completely loose I ordered a new cam chain and a new oil pump chain well I just put those on got it in time adjusted the valves .And when I push started the formula because my starter doesn’t work I’ve always had to push start it well when I push start of it it’s still did the same thing as the screech and the bike doesn’t start . Does anybody have any ideas of what this might be
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