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2005 Honda Rancher transmission problem.

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My fiancee's 05 Rancher with I think about 3,300 miles is starting to have some transmission problems. She bought it used in 2009 in like new condition with low miles. It is the 400 version with the automatic transmission.

It's been used hard on the farm for almost 10 years and is now starting to slip and make some noise. Oil used has always been Honda GN4 10W-40 chanced when the change oil message comes on.

I know this transmission doesn't have the greatest reputation. Can anyone tell me what the average price to repair or rebuild one of these is? I'm not sure it will be cost effective given it's age if the repair is going to be very expensive. Thanks for any info.
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I personally have not heard it making any noise. That is coming from her son who has been using it for the past week. I just changed the oil several weeks ago and did not experience any noise or slippage. My fiancee said it had been slipping and I noticed that the oil change message was on the display so I changed it in hopes that new oil might make it better but I guess not according to her son.

I'm sure that if no one local can fix it, she will just buy a new one.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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