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2005 Honda Rancher 400AT dies when warm

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2005 Have a Honda rancher 400AT that dies when it gets warm. It will start back up when it cools down, not sure what it could be? Any help would be appreciated. Cleaned carb, changed voltage regulator and stator. You can rev it up and it runs fine when it has net yet warmed up. Will not restart until cooled down some.
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@b_sherwood3 my 400AT used to do the same thing and I thought for sure it was electrical related.... But it ended up not being that...

When was the last time you really cleaned out your oil cooler? And how often does your fan come on? My oil cooler was completely plugged and the source of mine running too hot. It had never been in mud before so I figured no way it could be clogged. But just for dust and other riding debris over the years. Pressure washing it got rid of all my hot problems. And I run a manual fan switch cause if the oil temp sensor goes, the default failure mode of the sensor is to never turn the fan on. These 400AT's run hot cause they only hold 3 qts of oil and are air cooled and also use the oil for the hondamatic hydraulic pump and motor.
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