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Hey everyone, so I recently purchased a 05’ Honda 400ex and I took it out for its first real ride. I parked it and noticed a slight oil leak near the front sprocket. Now I checked my levels and yes the bike was still hot but the oil level was all the was up the dipstick and showing near the threads. Maybe it pressurized and found a spot to leak through? I’ve always owned dirt bikes and I never had problems so my mechanical know how if small engines is pretty limited. Anyways, after the bike cooled a bit the oil level went down and the leak stopped.

The bike pulled hard... most of the time. It would sometimes bog in the top end and I’d usually have to gear down to 1st and keep it high rpm to get it to correct itself. Although one time it did bog in 1st too. I fired it up and took off and the bike ran amazing again. Great response, power, and everything. The oil leak I know could be a gasket or seal and I’ll look further into that but I’m not a guy to deal with carbs. Help would be very much appreciated. I am pretty mechanically inclined and I’m capable of doing lots of research. I love to learn more about these engines!
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