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2005 Foreman 500 ES

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I have a 2005 foreman 500 ES and the problem I'm having is the left front end is sitting about an inch lower and the front tire is out at the top of the tire I'm not sure what could cause this to happen. I just changed the bearings, seals. I have looked at everything under it and dont see anything wrong I have even matched it up with the other side the ball joint have just alittle slack that seems normal any help on this issue really would help just something I could look for the bearings is about as far as I have been in the front end I did adjust the tow but it the lower front and the tire out at the top that is bothering me. Thanks so much


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Hi. Sorry to but in. Ive got the same problem with my quad. I just picked it up exactly 3 1/2 hrs ago. It needs valve lash adjustments, and the issue up front. BOTH my front tires are tucking in at the bottom and popping out at the top AND my right side front drive shaft is popped off, not broken though needs the new retainer. The bike looks like an 80's cutlass lowrider on hydraulics lifted up all the way.........that bad. I believe all 4 ball joints quit at the same time.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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