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2005 400ex clutch problem

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Hey guys, I`m new on here looking for some help. Clutch went out, replaced with a Tusk kit with springs. Soaked the fibers after putting it back together I cant pull the lever in at all. It`s not an adjustment problem, guessing I put something together wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums! My bet is you didnt get the leverage arm hooked on the clutch push rod. If it dosnt hook on it right nothing will move. If this was the case without the cable attatched you still wouldnt be able to move the leverage arm. If you can move it then its a cable problem or clutch perch or adjustment problem. My .02
Yes. You need to start with the arm turned toward the back of the quad. Then as you push the cover on move it toward the front of the quad(with end pointed in). It should hook and stay in place at that point. The play in the push rod you will feel in the arm now. At that point your good.
Not a spring on any of them i have pulled apart. I have never had one not hook right on before.
There is a return spring on the leverage arm down at the bottom. Is that in and the leverage arm in right? Maybe if that came out if its alignment hole it could move enough to not catch the push rod?
hold on..... your telling me the pushrod goes on the outside of the pressure plate not behind it? Well, no f*#!ing wonder we cant get it!
No no no! I was thinking wrong! You have it right!
Man you got me stumped. Did you make sure you have all the frictions and steels in and in the right order? Same amount of both from your tusk kit to the stock ones? You tightened the clutch spring bolts down till they stopped turning and just a tad more? Keep the language to a minimum here. We try to keep the place kid friendly. Were not prudes or anything i just figured i would give you the heads up.
No worries man! Take some pictures of stuff. Maybe that can help?
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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