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2004 TRX650FA Hard Start Cold & Cold Blooded

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I am new to this forum so if I ask a dumb question please be patient. I hope I can fix find help for my problem. I have a2004 Trx 650fa starts hard when cold (20 degrees and lower) and runs bad until it warms up. Any suggestions??
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Sounds to me like it is running lean. Seeing how it is an alder model I would suggest doing a series of things that it probably needs anyway. Clean and overhaul the carb ( do it well with the help of a repair manual), drain and dry the fuel tank thoroughly, Clean the petcock, adjust the valves and replace the spark plug and air filter. Ehhhh.......go ahead and change the oil with a good brand of FULL synthetic oil .
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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