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2004 rancher flashing ''esp''

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Wats up! bran new to honda atv. I bought a 2004 rancher a month ago. i love it but to day while riding it wouldnt shift while climbing a hill, i had it in auto. i get home and reverse woundnt work, but forward did. now it wont go anywhere and flashes ESP in the gear position screen. Now im sad. any help would be great!
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thanx alot helmut. ill give it try/ when i get off of work tomarow. i also gotta get a manual for it so i can figure things out and find out whats what on this machine.
SHWEET! Iv already learned more on this site in an hour than i did talking to people that ride all the time around my town.
so i checked out the codes and i got a 6 code. I took off the the angle sensor and cleaned it, made sure the connection was good and reinstalled it but that did not work. what should i look at next, or do i just need a new angle sensor?
white flag!

well i gave up on it and i am taking it to my local dealer. i figure ill spend a little money to have it run again rather than spend a bunch of time and frustration only to watch the sunny days go by without me riding my wheeler.

I asked the dealer if i could bring my rancher in and asked the price of them fixing it for me,they wouldn't give meastraight answer,so i ordered an angle sensor and installed it i can go ride :icon_ rocker:the part cost $86 and the repair manual cost $7.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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