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2004 rancher flashing ''esp''

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Wats up! bran new to honda atv. I bought a 2004 rancher a month ago. i love it but to day while riding it wouldnt shift while climbing a hill, i had it in auto. i get home and reverse woundnt work, but forward did. now it wont go anywhere and flashes ESP in the gear position screen. Now im sad. any help would be great!
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2004 rancher flashing ESP

I have a 2004 AT and it is doing the same thing. Not driving in reverse and only goes forward. It seems it is stuck in 1st gear. Will not shift in Auto or ESP.
Did changing the Angle sensor fix your problem?
I'm having the same problem, I cleaned the shift angle sensor, didn't work. We got a new sensor, still didn't work and I'm starting to think its the hondamatic but i'm not a mechanic so don't take my word for it.
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