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Hey guys - So i'm pulling my hair out on this 2004 Rancher 400 AT i'm trying to fix for a friends son.

Turn key on - Right away the gear selector flashes - -. It turns on than flashes 6 times and repeats. I tested and replaced the angle sensor. It wasnt that much, so I bought one before picking up the atv.

I have worked through the wiring and made sure the signal for the up/down switches and gear selector was getting to the ecm. The Neutral and Reverse lights work. (Gear indicator showing two dashes at all times) and the atv will drive forward (not changing gears) and when put in reverse will only backfire. I have checked all connections, changed the angle sensor, checked all signals i could in the book, and still nothing. I have even tried to swap out a good working ecm. (It doesnt seem to want to go through the initialization process - just continues to blink 2 lines 6 times)

Looking for any help on this! Its much appreciated! Thanks!
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