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2004 Honda TRX 250 - Transmission noise

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Second owner of 2004 Honda 250 TRX, the rear tires move in neutral on a jack stand or on ground, then the rear tires will seize or lock, then will unlock when rolling backwards, then forward again. There is minor noise coming from the shaft or universal joint or transmission. The inspection port on the rear differential shows all the teeth on the ring gear and oil in the gear case. Is this a rear differential issue, axle bearing, shaft issue, or transmission. Not sure if the sound is coming from the universal joint or transmission. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you.

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Does anyone have any thoughts?

There is a clicking sound while in neural every quarter wheel turn coming from the engine case.

The clutch is adjusted and trying to avoid taken the engine off the frame. Should the front of the engine case be removed next to inspect the clutch?

The universal joint boot is removed and appears to not have any issue and cannot find anyone else with this issue on the forum.
The troubleshooting procedures in the service manual say excessive noise from engine, then lists transmission. however, if the tires move in neutral on a jack stand, then seize, is that a clutch or drive shaft issue? It's over $300 dollars in special tools in a case splitter and two jaw puller to pull the engine and split the case

Yes, the troubleshooting procedure for diagnosis in the service manual may be incomplete as citing excessive engine noise: transmission/ or vibration gear case: tighten axle.

The inspection port does show a good ring gear in the gear case and may be a shim. Disconnecting the shaft boot shows the universal connection is sufficient. The clutch is adjusted properly and there are no metal shavings after oil drain.

This may be a level IIl/Vl mechanic level task which may require training in the repair/replacement of small engines if it is transmission issue in the engine case.

A good starting point is the gear case and believe there may have been vibration from the axle on one occasion and not sure if it may cause sound in engine case.

My last thought is the service manual utilizes a stethoscope for other troubleshooting procedures other than the transmission. Will try to further track excessive noise or clicking sound and will follow up with any progress.

Is there anything else, any further thoughts or recommendations?

Distance diagnosis is incredibly difficult and could cost you bunches of $ on "shotgun part replacement" when it might just need a shim.
IMHO The money you spend on tools will probably be less than the bill from the dealership..... and you'll be able to use them on other jobs when you need them.
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