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Hello, I recently bought a rincon with a locked up motor. I got it home and pulled the stator cover to find the stator shreadded up and the flywheel bolts loose and out of place. The backed out bolts where the reason for the locking. Anyway, I cleaned the motor out, put new hardware in along with a new stator . I didnt replace the flywheel as it looked to be ok. I did not replace the pulsor that is under the cover either. I put everything back together and it all spins nice and free but know I'm finding that I have no spark. From what I understand the coils very rarely go bad so I am wondering exactly what the pulse under the stator cover does and if that isn't related to the issue. There are no codes coming up on the screen, not sure if the ecm is part of the issue? Any information on testing would be great, I am very new to this. Thanks!
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