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2004 honda rancher wont start

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ok so I have a 2004 Honda rancher that I got from my brother in law. he gave it to me because he doesn't know what's wrong with it. and neither do I at the moment. so for some reason the bikes spark plug wont produce a spark. I so far installed an ignition key switch, starting switch, clinoid, spark plug, battery and all brand new fuses and may I ad all these parts are brand new. I even checked and tested the Stator and its producing all the power it needs. the bike turns on with a full charge on the battery but it wont turn, when I press the start button. if I by pass the clinoid the bike will then turn. but still no spark on the spark plug. and yes the starter is good. I got it tested and it passed with flying colors. oh and no the kill switch is not on the off side, its right where its suppose to be.
So now I'm out of options
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The neutral light must be lit up too. Is it?
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