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2004 Forman 450

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Carb rebuild had to replace primer pump due to corrosion. So on the float bowl what supplies fuel to the primer bulb. The main passage is clear but when I fill the bowl with fluid the primer pump is not drawing fluid from the bowl. It appears some other passage is blocked.
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when you had the primer off did you clean the passage behind it , is fuel coming outthe fuel hose from the petcock ? I have a 450 and the fuel hose has to be down as far as it can go or the fuel doesn't flow well from the tank and if you cram a fuel filter in between the carb and petcock it can stop the flow as the hose is too high , or even if you don't have a fuel filter but have too much hose and it loops upwards it will slow the flow , make any sense
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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