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jack it up off the ground, all 4 wheels, inspect the output shaft to the rear differential, see if anything is broken, splines stripped out on anything on the drive shaft ?. you may need to remove the rear diff in order to do this, so you can see the drive shaft splines and everything from the motor back to the rear diff.

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super common issue, the left rear wheel bearing seal fails,m water gets in tube and thus rusts off the splines off the rear axle

if caught soon enough, all you should need is a new rear axle, if not, gears in diff can get damaged as well

good news is, its a rather easy job, basic tool only needed and some common scene
bad news is, a new axle is about 200 bucks or so!

while at it replace BOTH side axle bearings and seals
the right side has TWO , left only one, thus the weak link and why it fails first!
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