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2004 Foreman not running right after rebuild

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Please save my marriage! I had my cylinder bored .20 over with new piston and rings and also had new valves installed by local Honda dealer. I was running the ATV 1/2 throttle in the field after ring break in and it just lost power, but yet idles. When I let it cool off it started right up again until it got hot and shut back down. Checked carb several times which is to me not the issue. Fuel flows easy when draining tank back into can. I did adjust the valves to .006 when the motor was still on the bench, so I am confident it is correct. I will be checking the coil next but do not believe it would go out at the same time as my rebuild. This thing ran flawless until my rebuild. I went through 1388 posts on this forum and found others with similar problems, but nobody comes back and posts what their solution was.
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fishfiles, the oil filter is on correctly.
I'm going to pull the head this weekend and see if something is binding in the top end. The machining of the bore looked superior, and it was done to match the piston.
The piston was purchased from Honda along with the valves. I will look at the box tomorrow as I believe that I saved all. I do want to check the valve clearance even though I am confident that it was set right when I did it on the bench, yet I am as human as the rest. It almost seems like the exhaust valve may be sticking open. Maybe a seized rocker? This bike is up at the cottage so I am only able to work on it on weekends!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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