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2004 foreman 450 oil cooler fan help

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Hello, I was riding today and a stick came up and must have hit the oil cooler fan and broke a fin off. Now I got a heck of a noise and vibration coming from the fan. I can actually reach in and grab the fan motor and wiggle it around. Looks to me as if the screws to tighten it are on the other side and hard to get at. What would be the best way to fix my problem. Anybody ever just unplug the motor and go without a fan? Is is hard to get the fan motor and shroud off the machine to fix it? THanks
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if you loose a fin on a flan, it will throw things out of balance after a while and can cause fan to fail! you can do as above, or replace with a new fan!
I wouldn't suggest running without a fan, as these atv's can run hot and that extra air can be the difference from a melt down and still running motor!
but your atv, you can do what ever you wish ?
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