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2004 350 rancher knocking

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2004 350 rancher 4x4: the motor started knocking, sounds like it is the connecting rod , from what iv heard rancher's are bad about the wrist pin hole getting wallered out creating alot of play. I would like some opinions on should i just get a connecting rod done to it or get both crank and connecting rod?i was going to send it off to mr crankshaft but wanted some feedback if they were any good or not. Also topend has about 20 hrs on it if not less and started smoking agian any ideas?
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I tell you how I just handled my 450 that had looseness at the crankshaft end of the connecting rod , I bought a new OEM crank and rod $300 , bearings $35 each , all gaskets and seals , new timing chain and sent the cylinder to G+H who bored bored it , sent an new piston , rings and wrist pin with gaskets $200 , and threw in new clutches , all the parts and bore job was $700 even , you might save a few dollars with a machine shop , doing the crank work and cylinder service , but for me it was a lot faster and less chance of things going wrong going the way I did
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