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2003 trx450fe Gearshift linkage broken parts

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I just picked up a 2003 450 Foreman and am in the process of getting it running again. I got it idling well but it will not rev up. I replaced the carb and whenever I tried to throttle up I could hear a clanking sound in the front of the motor and then the motor would stop. After reading multiple forum posts I got the confidence to pull the front cover and when I did I heard several pieces fall out. I looked through the service manual and it looks like the bolt holding the gear shift linkage worked itself out and several of the parts fell off. Picture attached.

I believe I have found all the pieces so nothing worked its way into the motor but this is my first time working on an ATV motor. I ordered new parts but is there anything else I should check or inspect before putting it back together?


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where is the triangle with the 3 balls part ??. I don't see it in your pic ??. it also has a round spring on it.
and welcome to the forums. finished my '03 trx450fm not long ago, solid atv if you get them fixed right.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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