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I have rebuilt 50 carbs atleast so i know the ins and outs. But on this trx 250ex i have no clue. Ive owned it for 10 years. Never had a problem. It sat for 2 years i started it and took off. It ran poor. I ordered a new carb and put it on. It ran perfect for about 10 minutes then out of nowhere it sputtered and started shaking and i barely made it home. Ive tried everything. I adjusted the float it was a little it didn't seat all the way. I checked the afr pin and it was fine. The jet was fine. Everything was perfect. I got back on it and the same thing happened. It runs perfect until its warm then it sputters and shakes violently. Kind of the same way a motor would if it choked on fuel. The bowl overflowed and i fixed the float and seat and it did not help. Anyone know what it could be?
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