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Hello, I am new to the whole forum thing, my buddy is helping me out with this, last year my son's ATV started smoking a lot, we noticed excesive oil consumption. 1/2 a quart every 1 or 1.5 hr of riding time. He is 17 and he really doesn't abuse it, im always out riding with him, i think its the rings or valve seals but I really dont want to mess with it as this engine is alittle different than the rest, do you guys...
1. Have a motor for this ATV?
2. Know a shop that can reabuild the engine?
3. Someone that can help me rebuild the engine?

Thank you very much, if i did something wrong i apologies. thank you.

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Welcome to the forums! The 250ex is a sport quad with utility quad running gear. So the utility quads guys will be your best bet for this one. I have never wrenched on that particular engine. But there are many here that have and they should chime in shortly!

As far as a place to rebuild it goes. There are a few guys here from illinois and they may be able to point you to a reputable shop. Or there is a vendor here nflow that sells remanufactured full engines. They like to share there work from time to time and it looks clean as a brandnew engine.
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