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2003 Honda Rincon 650

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New to the forum.

Background: ATV was running fine with great power, speed, and acceleration, but the carb was leaking gas out of the overflow tube. I took the carb off, cleaned it and put it back together. Started right up, but would only give about 1/4 power. Seemed it was not getting the proper amount of gas. Checked the cable connection and it seemed to be working properly. Thumbed it to max and it would only give me 1/4 throttle. Ended up taking it to a mechanic. He stated that it could be the throttle sensor. The mechanic stated it was still leaking gas. He got that stopped but it still was only running at 1/4 power. Top speed was only 29 mph. It has no acceleration power. :sad

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this could be happening?
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