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2003 Honda Recon 250 - Leak Between Engine and Transmission

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2003 Honda recon oil leak between engine and trans

Neighbor is looking at a 2003 Honda Recon. Owner states that it has an oil leak between the engine and the transmission. Says it doesn’t gush but will eventually end up on the ground. The leak has been there for years. It only leaks after a good ride. It won’t leak just sitting.

If it needs repair my neighbor would probably have a shop do the work.
In your opinion do you think it is serious and he should just walk away? Sounds like the guy is asking $1500

Also, no title but owner has provided what he believes the VIN number is to check it. Seems he may have misread as we have both been unable to pull info. What VIN check site is recommended?

Thank you for your help.

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Maybe its the drain plug leaking not the cases? Those can be stripped out easily by overtightening and its a very common problem.
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