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I have an old quad that I recently acquired and I’m trying to get it to run. I cleaned the carb, changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plug, etc and I still couldn’t get it to run. I opened up the valve cover to check the valves and found something very odd.

The exhaust valve adjust was out of adjustment on the stem and the rocker arm was hitting the rocker arm holder and it was not hitting the push rod. I found this to be very odd so I removed the rocker arm holder and pulled out the push rods. Both looked to be in good shape but I noticed that the push rod on the exhaust side was approx 1/4-5/8” shorter than the other. After looking at the manual it appeared that they should be the same length. I’m not sure if it had been compressed or if someone before me put the wrong push rod in there and never realized it.

Has anyone ever heard of the push rods being different lengths?
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