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2003 Honda foreman 500 slippage???

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Hey guys and gals,
Just a question about my 2003 Honda foreman 500
Yesterday I had the trailer hooked up and loaded a bunch of firewood into it( nothing more than I normally do)
And started to drive in low gear , the rear tire of the trailer was up against a rock, I tried to give it more has to see if it wouldn't roll over the rock like I normally do...all of a sudden as I'm accelerating, I hear what sounds like a winch being pulled on free something was slipping....never heard anything like this before and have no clue what it is...I unhooked the trailer and went to get my other bike and as soon as I took the trailer off the bike road first thought was the gears in the front diff were screwed...any ideas?
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Check the oil level, have you changed the oil recently? Used the same oil as you've always used? If the oil level is fine the next thing I would check is oil pressure.

If the sound you describe is what I'm thinking of....more often than not this will be a sign of the Hondamatic getting ready to head off into the sunset.....but check what I mentioned first jusssttt to be sure it's not something simple.
there is guy rebuilding the Hondamatics, I think it's like half the cost of a new replacement. Username is harig or something like that I think. Probably still not worth the cost/effort in a $600 bike tho.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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