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2003 Honda 500 foreman rubicon

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Any idea?
It runs fine but doesn't want to move in low gears but seems normal in 4&5th , but if you rev it to about 3/4 throttle it will surge and squall in 1&2nd . When in neutral there's no noise unless you rev too about 2000 rpm ! I've checked oil pressure, changed angle sensor, oil & filter and control motor is good. Also re-initialized it , I bought it this way with 3300 miles ! Hoping it's not the Hondamatic unit ! Was thinking on pulling front case and checking clutch but that seems like a long shot ! Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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welcome to the forums. if it's the hondamatic ?, you have a large paper weight as far as i'm concerned. only thing I know about that model ?, is they flat out suck to own. manual transmission is the way to go, spec one with a electric shift ?..never will own one...ever !.
I would say change to known proper oil, etc., but it sounds internal and deep/expensive.
Contact Harig over on

There's a bearing in the Hondamatics that can go south. He has a fix.

You do have to tear down the motor to fix it IF that's the problem, but it's a lot cheaper to do it now before it 100% croaks. Once that happens it's $1200 new Hondamatic time.

I wouldn't ride it anymore till you check with him. You might be able to fix it now. If it is that bearing and it goes all the way you junk the Hondamatic completely.
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