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2003 Honda 400ex

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Recently bought a 400ex.. battery was zip tied to the battery cage.. went on a rough ride and felt the battery dangling by my leg, ground cable had broken off and once I put it back with the broken peice it didn’t crank no more.. but once I jump the start solenoid it cranks on but my electric start doesn’t even wanna turn over
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Thx for the reply f*gs , it ended up being the two connectors from the starter solenoid to the wire harness ..
Common sense would have said to check all electrical connections before getting stressed and name calling!!
By all means continue to use this forum however, name calling won't be tolerated.
This forum took a big hit a few weeks back when admin changed the platform, all the regulars left, hence the delay getting a reply to your question.

Glad you got it sorted though :)
Wilson... C'mon buddy, don't put me in an awkward situation.. Were all friends and long standing members bit I still have to do what is expected of my role as a moderator ;-)

I know you know, just saying ;-)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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