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I've done some digging and tried about everything that others have suggested on previous posts, and nothing has helped. So I come to see if anybody can point me in the right direction.

The issue I'm having is that this machine runs great, drives fine but wont shift out of 1st gear, it just flashes on the dash. When I pull the codes I get an 11. Following the diagnostic instructions for that code in the manual, everything checks out fine and at the end it says faulty ecm. So I went ahead and bought a brand new oem Honda ecm, followed the reprogram procedure for the TPS in the manual after an ecm replacement and I'm still having the same code that showed up almost immidiately.

Do you have any suggestions of what to look for next? All the wires seem to be good and anything else I have checked seem to read within range. I cant immagine it being a hardware issues as well as the bike runs and drives around in 1st.

Thanks in advance
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