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2002 TRX450 shift issue with ESP

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Just bought a 2002 TRX450 FE with the electronic shift. New battery. Shift is very inconsistant. I can hear the shift motor working every time I hit the up or down shift button but it is very difficult to get into gear. Any suggestions on what this could be?
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Yes great post by Kentco about the ES shift motors. I just did the procedure a couple days ago and it made a world of difference. Altho mine was more of an intermittent shift and made a louder clunk noise when shifting. Now the shifts are quieter and have not had any issues or missed shifts since. I did make a post in this section with some details on how I went about with my 1998 Foreman 450ES.

Also it has been mentioned by others here while you have it apart to clean the connectors and pack with dielectric grease. It's best to keep any moisture out of any connector especially if you plan on going thru mud and water.
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