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2002 TRX350FM Throttle screw setting???

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Hi yall... Noob to the forum here...and having a problem w/ my wheeler! 2002 TRX350FM Rancher 4x4. It wasn't idling very well and I began to turn the "Throttle stop screw" a bit and found a nice spot that it idled nicely at. Rode for hours and all was good..Then it sat for a few days and now it wont start..or fires up and then dies immediately. I've foolishly turned the Throttle stop screw in both directions quite a bit w/ not luck. Is there a point where it should stop screwing in or out? ...and if so... can anyone tell me approx how far out or how many turns it may need from a closed or open postition to perform correctly? Thinking about pulling the carb and cleaning it out. Just thought I'd post this somewhere before I mess things up to much. THanks in advance for any help.
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well i killed the battery trying to start it.. and decided to jump it w/ my mower... after it sat for a while it fired right up when jumping it! just had to ease down on the Throttle screw a bit. I think i just flooded it pretty badly and got impatient... time will tell ... THanks anyways Shadetree! Love the forum!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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