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2002 Honda TRX350TM

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hi guys, been a while since ive browsed or posted. i bought a 2012 420fpe and hadn't needed looked back. long story short, my wife grandpa (whos passed) had a 2002 rancher that he sold prolly 10 years ago to my sis inlaws /inlaws, that then went to the sons where i found the bike in pieces in their yard under a tree last week. not one to let a sentimental item get away, and i needed a good project to excersise my brain, im now the proud owner of the said artifact. so no real secrets here as to what needed fixing ill make a list below many ive already done, but a few tasks are lingering before i get her going and i may want some experienced advice on a few projects im less familiar with.
1. oil was milky- drained oil, filled case with deisel overnight drained it. Did not try to crank. changed oil cranked and ran
2. fuel was bad tea colored and foul smelling-pulled tank washed with sea foam orderd new petcock and filter assembly which i replaced and got a new fuel line for funsies.
3. bike cranked and idled and even revved to an extent (these never run right with out the air box and snorkel anyway) never found snorkel new one on the way. float needle was stuck so pulled the carb and rebuilt with all balls kit, idle jet was clogged and full of sediment. looks new now, but this is where i ran into my first issue. all the parts fit until i went to replace the float needle. ITS DIFFERENT. mine has a wire that hangs from the float and attaches to the needle. the one in the kit wont attach that way. google searches say i have the right kit. SOOOO any ideas?
4 battery was toast, replaced with DEKA power sports battery, cleaned all terminals and soldered and sealed with liquid tape and shrink tubing the wires to the stater solenoid. something ate them?
5 cranked and started the bike a few times and then the starter crapped out. - new one on the way solenoid still clicks and if i tap the starter with a hammer it will turn the engine sluggishly, pulls a ton of current, lights go really dim and drains battery very quickly.
6 pull start was toast-new one on the way
7 entire frame had rust on 20%of the metal. i wire wheeled what i could and sprayed with epoxy paint. looks 100 times better. still have foot shift and foot brake to paint
8opened rear end oil was dark changed it with honda gear oil since i had it open
9 and finally the rear brakes work!! Front brakes not so much. i was able to get screws out of the master cylinder with an ease out. replaced with stainless. added fluid as it had water in the bowl. (soaked up water with rag BTW. gat a little pressure when tying to bleed but sucked air when i cracked the other side so now no pressure. i havent opened the drums yet ill wait to clean those up then try again but may do a reverse bleed with a syringe from the bottom. seems easier.
sooo any input, suggestions, comments or attaboys welcome. i plan on keeping this one in the fleet. my 3 year old will need a bike in the years to come and with a little give a damn this bike will last many years to come. pics to follow
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