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2002 Honda rancher fuel issue

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Just changed the oil and spark plug on my buddies 2002 Honda rancher 350cc 2wd after it stalled on him while the exhaust was in the water. It took water in the the cylinder even though there was no signs of water in the oil after I got all the water out of the cylinder so I changed spark plug and all the fluids anyway just to be safe. The bike was on a slope with the exhaust barely in the water. Now that it's running again the carburetor acts like I'm choking it when I give it any throttle, it starts trying to stall and black smokes as it's running very rich. Is there anyway to fix this carburetor so it doesn't act like it's choking? All feed back appreciated

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pull the carb, clean it. water may have got in it, or the gas tank, or engine ?. the engines on these have a breather on the lower cases, if the check valve is bad/not working ?, very well could be water got in the motor.
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