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2002 Honda Rancher 350 Overheating?

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I own a used 2002 Honda Rancher 350. I decided to buy a Honda because I know they are known for their durability and power, for anything I would need it for. I always noticed that my legs would feel the heat from the engine, and I wanted to make sure my components weren't overheating, before I damage anything accidentally. I used my temp. gun to take the readings from various parts, they are listed below:

These are temperatures after around 30 minutes to an hour*

Cylinder: Around 280 Degrees F
Crankcase: Never exceeded 190 Degrees F
Exhaust straight out of the cylinder: ~600 Degrees F
Radiator: Around 150-160 Degrees F

The rancher did not come with a radiator fan because it is a 2wd version, but I ended up buying one to wire to a switch, I just have not gotten around to installing it yet.

Are these Temperatures normal? Should I install that fan? What temperatures would be dangerous for the block and cylinder? I use Marvel Mystery Oil in every fillup.

My machine might be running lean because of the change in ethanol levels over the years, but again, I am no expert, any help would be appreciated!

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I agree with you, except for the fact that the engine does not have a fan or (to my knowledge) a thermostat, it is all air cooled. I want to know if I should be doing something different before I harm any components. Thanks for the the feedback
Thanks for the feedback! I've been worried about it for a while now. Have a good one!
Gotcha, thanks for that. I mostly run it on 3rd gear, awesome power and torque. Thanks for the feedback!
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