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I bought this Rancher for my son for x-mas and a couple weeks ago it wouldn't start. All we got was a "click" sound at the starter relay. I did some searching on Google and did the following:
1. Check battery, charge battery. It was at 80%, charged to 100% but after trying to start it would drop to 80% again.
2. Check starter relay. I used a pair of pliers to touch the + and - while starting to see if the starter would turn. It wouldn't.

I ordered a non-OEM starter relay and starter, installed them both and the Rancher started up immediately. Within 30 minutes of riding, my son told me it shutoff while riding, complete loss of power and now I'm back to the same "click" sound at the starter relay. The starter was VERY hot to the touch when I made it to the Rancher but that could just be engine heat? I'm not sure what to troubleshoot at this point and need some advice. Run jumper cables to the starter (ground to Rancher) and see if the starter turns over? What else could be going on? I don't see how a bad starter would shut the Rancher down while riding, so what else am I looking at here? Thanks for any help!
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