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I bought this Rancher a few months ago for my son's birthday. Shortly after, my son told me there's just a "click" sound when trying to start the Rancher. I googled the problem, read a dozen replies on how to troubleshoot it and did the following:
1. Verify the battery is charged
2. Bypass the starter relay to see if the starter turns over

The starter would not turn over. So I ordered a new starter relay and starter, figured I might as well since I'll be replacing the starter anyway. (non OEM parts)
Everything went well and the Rancher started up immediately after pushing the Start button. This was not how it used to start, it usually had to crank a few times before starting, so I was feeling like the problem had been solved. Unfortunately, yesterday my son was riding on a trail next door and he came into the house saying the bike just shut off while he was riding and now it's clicking again. I just did a visual on the relay switch and actually touched the starter and it was VERY hot, not sure if that's normal or not. I guess it would be hot since it's getting heat from the engine but this was sizzling hot. Anyway, now I'm back to the same "click" again. If you turn the key on, all the electronics seem to work fine, display, lights, etc.

I find it hard to believe I bought a bad starter but I don't know what to do from this point. What's my next set of steps to figure this out? We had to push it back to the house, just clicking. Thanks for any help!!
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