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2002 Honda 350 Fourtrax LOCKED ENGINE

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So I just bought a 02 Honda 350 fourtrax that wouldn't start, just clicked the solenoid. I got a deal on it and the guy said he was riding it last week and it quit and wouldn't start. The pull start is off of it as part of the pull start is broken, where the rope wines around the coil spring slips and it won't recoil.

I got it home and the next day I looked at it and did some testing and got a new solenoid and put on it, still clicks. Checked the battery and even boosted off a brand new lawn mower battery, same thing. I then thought it was the starter. I took off the starter and dissembled it to see the condition of the brushes and they looked to be fine. I bench tested the starter with jumper cables and it spun as it should, then I hooked the jumper cables to the bike, red to the live wire for the starter, and black to the frame where the starter mounts too. I set the starter on a block of wood on the ground and hooked the other end for the jumper cables to it, red on live and black where it bolts down. I then turned on the key, hit start button, and the starter spun as it should. So I then thought it was just a week starter. I planned on getting another starter beginning of the week and putting it on.

I thought today its raining and got nothing else to do so so I went to the garage and fixed the pull start temporally and put it on, thinking I could atlease try that. Well i got it put on, tried to give it a yank, and nothing, it was stuck. Couldn't pull the pull cord out.

Now I'm thinking that the engine is Locked up some how. Great! That's not good at all and definitely not what I was expecting. I put it in natural and of course it rolled when i pushed it back and forth. I then put it in gear and it would not roll forward but it would roll back. I then put it in reverse and it would roll forward but not back.

I have no idea what to do at this point. I do not really want to spend a ton of money for a mechanic and I do not wanna take the engine all apart. The guy i bought it from said it quit and he couldn't start it again, so that would make sense if it is seized. He also said it just had a fresh oil change, so can't see it getting welded from not having enough oil, but that would explain why it quit.

I would really appreciate any ideas or any suggestions anyone has and what your thoughts are.

Hope to get this figured out soon and it's not a big expensive job.
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Wow, If the rest of it is in good shape its so worth it. Just hope you got a good price on it. Bring it back to life and enjoy it for years.
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