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2002 Foreman 450ES

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Came across a nicely kept 450ES with about 650 miles on it located in Wisconsin. Appears to be completely stock and has good maintenance records. Owner is asking $3,350.00 which seems high to me for a 15 year old machine and thought I would see what others think is reasonable.

What is a fair private party price for this and what if anything should I look for other than obvious signs of abuse?

Also will is be easy to find a new plow assembly to fit this older model?

Thank you!
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A new Foreman with taxes and fees is about $8000. A Rancher about $7000, except the 2x4 might be $6000.
Only the Chinese can you get a powerful 4x4 for $5300 all in (I paid $3500 for a brand new Linhai 260SE
with about half as much power as the Foreman).

My 2000 Foreman cost me $1600, with a broken Electric Shift (manual only), front brakes not working,
frozen choke cable, mis-adjusted carb, and overheating problem. Turned out to be a great value.
After fixing everything for $200, it runs like it was new, and should last another 20 years.

If it has never been swamped, I would say $3000 is a fair price for super low mileage, all original.
You will have to occasionally replace old parts, so you will need a service manual and some tools.
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