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2002 Foreman 450ES

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Came across a nicely kept 450ES with about 650 miles on it located in Wisconsin. Appears to be completely stock and has good maintenance records. Owner is asking $3,350.00 which seems high to me for a 15 year old machine and thought I would see what others think is reasonable.

What is a fair private party price for this and what if anything should I look for other than obvious signs of abuse?

Also will is be easy to find a new plow assembly to fit this older model?

Thank you!
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Here at the dealership we use NADA for ATV/Motorcycle values... and the "Average Retail" value is $2,090... "Clean Trade" is $1,560... and "Rough Trade" is $1,305... So I definitely think the guy is shooting pretty high w/ his $3350 asking price... Probably expecting to be talked down... If it was immaculate I wouldn't have a problem offering a possible $2000-2500 if you really want it... But would shoot for $1500ish... Even w/ the low mileage... it's going to have parts that are just old and dry rotted that are going to need to be replaced...

We currently have brand new 2017 Ranchers 420 4x4s on sale for a base price of $5300 for comparison...
All dealers use NADA pricing for the most part... they actually pull their numbers from the NPA dealer auctions and is normally more realistic... KBB tends to always be a bit on the higher side

Their are multiple plows available for the 450s... Warn, Moose, KFI, etc... mine had a manual plow mount... but I am planning on putting a winch on their... and see if I can find a plow frame that will mount up to this mount... or just buy a new Moose plow setup... all the plows are priced pretty much the same.. I just find the Moose tend to be better built than the other options
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