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2002 450es front diff oil?

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Howdo guys. The front diff on my 02 450es (with selectable front axle engagement) is it a Limited Slip Diff ?
I've not seen confirmation it is but I've heard differing opinions. My concern, following an oil change prior to doing a ride at the beginning of the year all looked fine, no metallic evidence in the old oil, it was clean & on the level. Good oil was used in the refill. During the ride when it was being pushed hard it became apparent a bearing type noise was developing from the diff? The wheel bearings are brand new by the way!
I've heard some say unless 'additives' are introduced during a refill noises can start to be heard. One guy reported a similar story to my own & after adding a particular LSD treatment the noise disappeared. What oils and/or treatments can be recommended? Many thanks.
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most GOOD brand name gear oil these days has limited slip additives added to them already right out of the bottle,
BUT they also do sell limited slip additive, you can add to things, WON"T Hurt anything if not needed, as honestly, these atv;'s go so SLOW< as long as there isn;t water in the oil, about any lube will be fine!
as for bearing sounds, , well wouldn;t be the first time NEW bearing were DRY from the factory and failed real fast
of fit loosely in hub and then wore out fast again!
but could also be diff bearings too!
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