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2002 450 foreman ES front brake line question

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Hello sorry if this was already posted but i could not find it.
I am trying to pinch my brake line to see if my master cylinder or brake cylinders are leaking.
BUT the line seems to be hard to pinch off.. can the lines on my bike be pinched off or is there a flexable solid tubing inside that i will damage? Ps i am trying to pinch the flexable line not the obvious solid lines.


2002 450ES foreman.
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A thought. You should change brake fluid every two years—the fluid discolored, crystals and a waxy goo can form.

If your mc is still spongy, pry out the fluid seal and jiggle the brake lever—rotate the bars and thump the brake lines to release any air trapped in the upper hoses.

Check this pic I tried for two days to get my brake lines clear. I had air right behind the mc


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Yup a rebuild kit cost me $16 and brake fluid $4. Worth it.
If it holds pressure after you pump the lever there’s definitely air in the system. I know you’re frustrated same thing happened to me for three days on a three day weekend. Did you pry out that nickel sized seal from the master cylinder like one my pic? Just try it. Both of those holes under the seal have to be clear and the mc has to be clean.
Post a pic of the open mc
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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