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2002 450 foreman ES front brake line question

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Hello sorry if this was already posted but i could not find it.
I am trying to pinch my brake line to see if my master cylinder or brake cylinders are leaking.
BUT the line seems to be hard to pinch off.. can the lines on my bike be pinched off or is there a flexable solid tubing inside that i will damage? Ps i am trying to pinch the flexable line not the obvious solid lines.


2002 450ES foreman.
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I am trying to pinch the line off after the master cylinder to determine if my air leak is there or somewhere else. But when i go to pinch down on the flex house anywhere it seems like im gonna damage or crimp something off on the inside of the hose. I also wanted to pinch the house off at the wheel cylinders if i had to replace one to save the bleeding nightmare.
When you pinched the line. Was it hard? Did you have to use a lot of force or was it soft?
Well im trying not to drain the fluid if i dont have to. My brakes are loosing pressure i have to pump the lever to get any pressure then it goes away. So i am trying to pinch the line off after the master cylinder to see if i still loose pressure after i pump them up to see if its my master that needs to be rebuilt or something else like a cylinder. I cant see my line being full of anything i never lost any brake fluid. Just feels hard to pinch off for some reason
Ok here is exactly what is happening. When i squeeze my front brake lever it goes right to the handle bars. When i pump the lever i get brakes. As long as i have the lever squeezed the pressure stays strong. As soon as i release the lever and go to squeeze again it goes straight back to the handle bars. When i have the lever pumped up and the brakes are on i can squeeze hard for as long as i want and i dont loose any pressure. No
fluid is leaking from anywhere.

All my cylinders are clean and working good. My shoes have lots of pad and i just bled new fluid through the system. Zero air came out when i bled the new fluid through.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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