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I’ve searched and cannot find what I need. I may be posing the search and question wrong but here goes...

I lost the carrier bearings on my ‘02 300ex. Carrier was shot and the sprocket hub was damaged also.

Purchased new axle and aluminum aftermarket carrier (fully assembled with bearings and seals). Greased everything, (carrier bearings, axle, swing arm, etc..) Pressed carrier onto axle no issues. Caliper bracket with new o-rings went on fine. Rotor hub splines and a few taps sets it against bearing.

Now for the problem... The axle nut barely touches the splines. Just enough to feel them, but not enough to grab and tighten down the nut against the cir-clip.

I’ve checked and double checked (actually have disassemble and re-assembled everything 3x) everything. Carrier seats tight against sprocket hub, which is snug against it’s own cir-clip. Opposite side bearing is snug into carrier (verified with tapping inner race with brass punch to seat). Rotor hub goes on easily and appears to seat fully against the bearing.

What am I missing? I’m assuming the axle nut HAS to spline in order to snug everything up- or am I incorrect?

Get it close, run it a bit, and then re-tighten? I get bearing run in and all, but that seems like a recipe for early failure...
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