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2001 TRX90 Won't Start

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It was running well one day, and then the next it just wouldn't start (It has been very cold while trying to start it). I checked spark, it was meh, so I replaced it. After that it got blue spark. Still won't start. Cleaned out the carb (It was quite bad), still wouldn't start. Bought a new carb, put it on, still won't start. Gas is getting to the carb and the plug is dry. It's got compression (Not measured, just put hand in front of exhaust), spark, and gas. It'll start for a second it I put gas in the plug hole, but then I'm back to a dry plug. Any ideas on why it won't start?
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Well, I'm pretty sure it's Chinese, but it did have good reviews on Amazon. Don't have any carb cleaner, anything else I can use as a sub?
After trying some troubleshooting it turns out that it needed to be primed (I basically just put something over the intake and pulled the starter a few times), and now it starts every time.
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