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I have had this for a couple of years, haven't ridden it much.

Went out a couple of weeks ago. Slow, steep location...
Noticed the engine was getting HOT. Stopped to let it cool.
Went to start again and it wouldn't crank. Battery dead.

Pull on the start cord and it will run fine. Still gets hot even going slow downhill.
Finally thought to check on the fan: NOT running.
Sort of expected fan wouldn't run without the battery charging.

Got home and charged the battery. Battery seems to be fine.
Now I need to figure out why it isn't charging. WHERE DO I START?
I didn't find test procedure for testing alternator or regulator or whatever.

I haven't gotten it out and really warmed up to see if the fan will run when it gets hot.
The fan does NOT run when it is cold.
I did see some instructions somewhere to test sensor, but can't find it again.
Is the fan SUPPOSED to run all the time? Where do I start on THAT?

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Download a copy of the service manual in the manuals section here and read it. You'll need a multimeter to check the charging system components and the oil temp sensor & fan control unit. First thing before testing though... remove fenders and unplug, clean, dielectric grease every harness connector on the bike. Remove the ground cables from the motor and frame, shine them up and bolt them back on snugly. Clean the battery terminals and cables at the battery and solenoid. And check for blown/loose fuses. You've got a Main 30A & a 15A fan control fuse in there... this is routine stuff.

The oil temp sensor should measure between 9.5k ohms - 10.5k ohms at approximately 77 degrees, or room temp. This spec is not provided in the manual.

Keep us posted on your progress if you can... and welcome to the forums!

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retro pointed ya in the right direction. too add to his post, check all the fuses near the battery !.
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