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2001 TRX450ES Control Unit

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Does anybody have any knowledge of the control unit for a 2001 TRX450ES, part # 38910-HN0-A12? Is it supposed to be completely interchangeable with part # 38910-HN0-A11? The part I removed from my ATV is part # 38910-HN0-A12. Looking at Honda parts manuals, it appears that Honda has replaced 38910-HN0-A11 with 38910-HN0-A12. I ordered a new control unit 38910-HN0-A12 from Babbitts part store, but it does not match up with the one I removed from my ATV. The part #s match, but the part itself does not. Two parts side by side attached. Dirtier part is one removed from my atv, other one is new part. You can see the holes are smaller on the new part, and one of the corners of the new part is not completely "rounded". I also bought a used one off of ebay, and was sent the part # 38910-HN0-A11, and it matches the one I received from Babbitts exactly.
So my question is, has Honda changed this part all together? I cannot seem to find one that matches the part that I removed from my ATV, even though the part #s match.
Any help is greatly appreciated



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That's the problem, the harness will not plug into the new part because of the "non rounded corner" and the smaller holes.
Still have not figured it out. I have owned the ATV since new in 2001, so wiring harness and control u it are all original. I have sent the part back to babbitts along with some pictures of the part I took off. Hopefully they can match to the correct part I need.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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