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Greetings, am new to this. Have 2001 TRX350TE. In last 18 months, had local Honda Dealer replace bearings and check all out. Within 6 months, had it back in as this repair didn't fix squeal and wheel drag, they replaced all 4 wheel wheel cylinders at my insistence and recheck all, said good to go. In less than year, right front wheel completely seized. They are looking to see what they think.
To save me money if they want to replace the whole front brake panel, am looking at used 2001 TRX350FE, knowing the "panel" matches and the drum is different? At same time, am getting inkling it might be knuckle which means big bucks? If it is as simple as panels, are the TE and FE panels the same?
Feedback on 2001 TE used knuckle and hub as used possibility? And year range for matching used TE knuckle and hub? Welcome suggestions. "bike" is pretty strong overall?

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I don’t think the panels are the same part number but I haven’t looked. Go to partzilla or Rocky Mountain atv and look up OEM parts listing. 00-03 rancher FM/FE should be the same but TE/TM not sure if they are.
Did you keep the old wheel cylinders?
Wheel bearings, knuckle bearings yeah could be.
I like to give the techs info about my quads but I’m careful not to tell them what I think the problem is. The always wanted to charge me twice the labor rate because they said “two techs” working on it lols
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