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2001 Rubicon trouble in Newfoundland

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I have a 2001 Rubicon with 40,000 hard km on it. I have had issues in the past with the angle sensors and control motor but everytime my bike would go into "safe mode" and the gear position and mode indicators would flash. My bike now appears to be in some form of "safe mode" but only when i go in reverse as then the bike sputters and lacks power, operating in forward gears works perfect, HOWEVER the dash indicators are NOT flashing. The error code is 10. I have had an issue with this bike sputtering/flashing indicator lights for a considerable period of time off and on but only when the bike is put in reverse gear, the solution was just to stop,place in neutral,shut the bike off and restart. I have a shop manual and have followed the procedures to diagnose problems associated with error code 10 and it doesn't point to an ECM failure. I have been checking out the wiring thinking it maybe electrical, at which time I did find I a broken wire. It was a green/yellow wire that was connected to a blue wire via a single plug in and was factory taped to the wiring harness on the right side of the bike by the pull cord. The wires were chafed through on either side of the plug. I properly fixed these wires but the problem did not go away. I have detected low resistance in the angle sensor but if the angle sensor is the problem how come my indicator lights do not flash as they always did before when I had angle sensor issues? An angle sensor here in Newfie cost $140.00 and I don't want to buy it if its not going to resolve my problem. Anybody have any ideas????? If its another sensor how come I don't get an associated error code???
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Welcome to the site, someone will have som info for you!!!
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