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2001, recon issues starting after service

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To the ATV Gods I go with a question:

History- Bought a new to me TRX250 Recon Manual shift.
Estimated hrs is less than 30 and less than 200 miles ( the same as the foreman that I bought from the same guy which has an hr meter and odometer) I believe these numbers to be true.
Previous owners garage stored, drained gas after every season.
This one sat for about a year with no use before selling.
Idle was rough and not adjustable when bought.

Took to a non Honda dealer for carb clean and pilot jet adjustment
Dealer installed a #40 pilot jet stating it was jetted for about 6,000 feet now.

( Most of the riding I do will be at least 6k and up to 11,000 or so. )

Received bike back, idled perfectly, ran through rpm range perfectly started perfectly.

Took Recon and foreman to trail ride starting at about 9500 feet. About 2.5 hours drive to trailhead. Upon arrival, At trailer would not start. Would start then die, repeat and sometime did not fire at all. I adjusted the idle ¼ to the right. And started, eventually started idling nice though maybe just a wee bit high.

Foreman purred just like at home .

Went riding for a while, all was good. Went up a particularly steep section, Wife stopped and it would not start again for several mins. I adjusted carb back and forth a bit, finally started and ran great the remainder of the day with several steep sections, stopping and starting multiple times etc.

Got back home, would not start again. Every now and then it would fire and run for a second or two, but not for long.

Put it away to look at it today when daylight.

Things I’m considering-
Sticky float
Pull and look at plug to check running condition

Bad Fuel- The previous owner filled it with fresh fuel when I came to look at it, Mechanic said it smelled and looked fresh, I do have seafoam in there to try and fix the issue before I took it for service.

Operator error- Flooding perhaps? Should it start on inclines? Am I expecting too much to have start on inclines?
I’m by no means a mechanic and have a basic understanding about these things so your thought’s ideas on the possible problem and education about how I should perform a start sequence ( if just pushing the starter and applying a little gas does not work)

Thanks , Sorry for the long winded post
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I agree, sounds like the carb needs cleaning.
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