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First time posting. Hoping for some help.

Buddies rancher was bought after sitting for a year or 2 from what appeared just a broken driveshaft. After tearing it down was confirmed shaft was broken. However you can see that this shaft was either broken and rewelded previously, or cut and rewelded. From all parts schematics and looking to order online, I see that the shaft is different than original. I am leaning toward it being possibly a rear diff and driveshaft (that they cut and shortened) out of a foreman bolted into the original rancher swing arm. As you can see original had splines on the inside, current broken one is splined on the outside. Also for what its worth it seems the OE Rancher shaft is about 7 1/2 inches where the foreman is about 9.
1st pic-current diff
2nd pic-current shaft
3rd-Correct shaft via partszilla
4th-correct diff via interwebs

20210113_171200.jpg 20210113_171226.jpg Screenshot_20210113-171419_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210113-172330_eBay.jpg
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