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2001 Honda TRX 400

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I have a 2001 Honda TRX400 that fires right up and run for approx 5 mins then it just shuts down like someone hit the kill switch, it will fire right back up and run fine for another couple of mins and then dies. I have tested if the battery is taking charge and it is. What can I do to figure out exactly what is causing this? It does not have any pattern at all... I have wiggled wires around and checked wires while it's running and nothing seems to kill it, it kills itself at random but fires right back up.

Also it sometimes appears to miss a couple times but then goes back to normal idle before killing itself.
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now that its dead in the water, is it getting spark to the plug at all ?. any lights on at all on the dash ?. if your getting lights..but no spark on the plug ?, then this tells me a few things, bad c.d.i. ? ( don't cheap out on a stupid china after market c.d.i. !! ), bad reg/rec ?, bad spark plug ?, bad stator ?, bad spark plug coil ?, bad/loose grounds anywhere ?. first things first, you must get dash lights, this means you must have a neutral light to fire the spark plug !!. if your getting dash lights, including a neutral light ?, then you must do the spark plug test, new plug in boot, laying on engine, crank it over ( if it has enough battery juice that Is ? ), watch for spark at plug. if no spark ?, then you must run test on stator, if stator passes, then move on to spark plug coil test, if that passes ?, then I would have to believe the c.d.i. is bad. AGAIN !!!, you must have dash lights before you go any further !. IF NO POWER TO DASH ?, THEN ITS TIME TO TRACE POWER FROM BATTERY TO IGNTION SWITCH !.
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also..and this is a trx400 what ?????????? ?, fw ?, trx400 does not tell us anything, cept ya got a 2001 trx400 !.
also..and this is a trx400 what ?????????? ?, fw ?, trx400 does not tell us anything, cept ya got a 2001 trx400 !.
Its a 400ex.
was that in his first post ?, did I just over look it ?, cuz I did not see a 2001 trx400ex ?..i'm old ya know !
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